Music Orchestrations

Bespoke Arrangements

Are you learning to play a musical instrument?

Then this is for you – a chance to play with a full orchestra in your own home.

Please ask for details 

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Going Solo

A series of tapes and music

designed to give students the chance to play with an orchestral and rhythm accompaniment in a modern style in the privacy of their own home.

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Learn to Read Music

Learn to Read Music

the "Payneless" Way

available as a digital download


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Music Orchestrations

are here to offer you not just great music charts but cater for all your musical needs.

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Online Music Sales

Music Orchestrations

Music Orchestrations are here to offer you not just great music charts, but also a bespoke music arrangement service to suit any level of musicianship, whether amateur or professional.  

Some 60-Years experience working principally as Musical Directors, composers and arrangers in television, radio, films, records and live theatre will serve to give you a highly sympathetic and professional service.

Our team headed by Cy Payne will personally cater for all your musical needs.

So, if you are a single voice, group, ensemble, choir, single player, band (small/large/Augmented/concert/college/brass) or Concert Orchestra, please do not hesitate to contact us direct or via the website with your musical requirements, whether they are large or small.

If you are a gifted professional or simply a rank amateur with a long life ambition to sing or play with a full orchestra please see and use our Going Solo Service.