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Learn to Read Music
Learn To Read Music The (Payne) - Less Way
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Name: Learn to Read Music - Cy Payne
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Learn To Read Music The (Payne) - Less Way

Most people don't bother to learn to read music until they start learning to play an instrument, surely this is making things twice as difficult. Not only have you got to try and understand the music but also find the notes on the instrument. If you learn to read music first, then you're already half way there.

Reading music is very straight forward and very easy, it has to be, otherwise I couldn't have done it. I'm a thicko kid born and bred in the East End of London. I started in the Music Business in 1950 and apart from a period in the middle 1950's when I had to do some Military Service (National Service, as it was called in those days) I have been in the same business ever since, writing Musical scores more or less everyday and known as one of the "back room boys". I am one of the luckiest people alive, I love what I do and I'm still being asked to do it. But that's enough drivel, let us get on with what this book is all about.

I've already stated that reading music is very straight forward, there are no hidden tricks to catch you out except perhaps my spelling of some of the words.

This book is designed to teach you how to read and understand the sort of printed song copy you can buy in any music shop. Look a bit further on in the book and you will find a song copy written in exactly the same way.

If you really concentrate I can teach you to basically understand music in one hour but I can't teach you to play an instrument in the same time. I tried this system out at one of our local schools and in the same time, I taught six pupils how to read and understand a commercial song sheet. I, was standing in front of them explaining what it all meant. You, have to read it yourselves so it may take a bit longer. It's a bit like learning to ride a bike, the more you do it the easier it becomes.

If you think, there are 26 letters in the alphabet and when you read a book, your brain has to work out a mixtures of them to make up all the different words you're reading.
In music you only have the first seven letters of the alphabet.

"A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "F", "G". That's all there is. No more, no less.